Explore the world of online financial trading on our 3 powerful multi-asset platforms. All the platforms allow for seamless transition and are packed with advanced charting capabilities as well as numerous risk management tools to help traders maximize their profits with as minimal trading risks as possible.

Visit the SUMMIT TRADE Co. education center for numerous educational materials that include tutorials and in-depth videos on how to navigate all our platforms so as to take advantage of all the handy features available. From trade execution and charting features, to trade management and trade exit, at SUMMIT TRADE Co., we’ve got you covered!

Start Trading with SUMMIT TRADE

Follow the simple and straightforward steps below to start trading with us:

    Click on the ‘Asset’ tab and select the asset you wish to speculate on its price.
    Decide on your investment amount. This is the amount you wish to risk on the trade position; the higher the risk, the higher the potential profits.
    Decide whether you want to go long or short. Use our advanced platform features to perform comprehensive analyses on the prices of your favorite assets. Go long (buy) if you expect prices to move higher; go short (sell), if you expect prices to move lower.
    Risk management is very important when trading the financial markets. Use Stop Loss orders (both hard and trailing) to limit the risk exposure of your open trades and Take Profit orders to lock in profits already earned.
    Stop Loss and Take Profit orders at SUMMIT TRADE Co. are guaranteed; we will automatically close your orders when the target price is achieved. But you can also close any open trade anytime you wish by clicking on the ‘Close Trade’ button.

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